Since 1952 BABBI is synonym for Gelato Italiano: 61 years ago Attilio Babbi founded the BABBI Confectionery Industry for the production of cones, wafers and ingredients for Gelato makers. Thanks to its genuine raw materials, to the freshness of its ingredients, and to the quality checks periodically performer, BABBI soon became a pillar in the ice cream industry.

After 60 years of work, commitment, sacrifices, love for tradition and passion for confectionary art, BABBI is today proud to have an international market, with “BABBI shops” in Spain and in Japan. Nowadays BABBI wants to open its borders to South America and it is therefore developing different kinds of partnership (distribution, import, direct selling) with those countries.

BABBI played an important role in many pivotal exhibitions and fairs in Latin America In 2012. BABBI confronted with actors of food and ice cream sector through shows and tasting in its stand, technical assistance and training sections.

In 2012 BABBI took part in:

  • FIHE, Feria Internacional del Helado in Mexico City, 22nd - 24th February 2012: it is an international exhibition for ice cream, confectionery products and chocolate producers and distributors coming from all over the world;
  • MEXIPAN, Fiera Internacional de la Industria del Pan in Mexico City, 22nd-25th August 2012: it is an International fair where producers and distributors belonging to bakery, confectionery, ice cream and chocolate sectors meet;
  • EXPO CAFČ, in Mexico City, 20th -22nd September 2012;
  • FEVIPAN, Federación Venezolana de Industriales de la Panificación y Afines, in Caracas, 17th-20th October 2012: the biggest event in the confectionery sector in Venezuela;
  • FIHAV, Feria Internacional de la Habana, 4th-9th November 2012: the most important International exhibition in Cuba.


In order to continue this fruitful 2012 activity in Latin America, make the most of the many business contacts BABBI gathered during SIGEP in Rimini and received through the web site, and also in order to support and widespread Made in Italy expertise and quality, BABBI will attend other important events and exhibitions in those South America countries that have not yet been explored by BABBI.